I, (Sandy) together with my spouse and three children came to Australia about a year back seeking greener pastures. The main reason for me to vacate my native country was highly personal. which amounts to a death threat to my life and family.

As we came over to Australia, I consulted a legal expert to seek asylum over here. We did our initial spade work and are now waiting for the final outcome. However, we (I and my spouse) were granted full work and study rights here in Australia.  We were lucky to get a delivery service employment in Australia Post last December. It was unfortunate and sad to note that our employment was suddenly terminated in March this year due to the Corona pandemic, We were put to pillar from post. 

We were managing our day to day affairs from little income that we earned with hard work. We pleaded several occasions to Australia Post for us to be reinstated, but it was not in favour for us.

Questions now we confront are enormous. (House Rent, Water/Gas/Electricity Bills, Schooling needs etc ….) We have been applying for several employment opportunities, but it has still not been a  success due present situation of the country.

The mental agony and stress that we are undergoing is unbearable and unbelievable. In fact the major hassle we are faced with is the education of our children. How could we meet their monetary requirements to fund their future education. We are grateful to some of the volunteer organizations such as Brotherhood of St Lawrence, ICRC & Salvation Army for their kind assistance extended to. us at this critical juncture. We being asylum seekers, the Government authorities must step in and take impromptu action to extend more and more support / assistance for us to have a peaceful lifestyle . Especially with regard to  financial assistance for essential domestic monthly payments. 

We hope and pray this pandemic will settle soon, until then who will look after us ????