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Looking for resources to use in the classroom with your students? Check out these great resources including teaching guides, posters, films, stories and more!



  • Australian Human Rights Commission

Australian Human Rights Commission Curriculum Resource

The Australian Human Rights Commission’s Human Rights Examples for the Australian Curriculum resource identifies opportunities within the Australian Curriculum for students to learn about human rights issues from Foundation (Kindergarten) to Year 10 in the key learning areas of English, History, Geography, Science and Maths.

Roads to Refuge is designed to give students, teachers and the community access to relevant, factual and current information about refugees. The website includes a range of resources including videos, lesson ideas

The Edmund Rice Centre’s Asylum Seekers and Refugees Education Resource includes 35 cross- curricular activities, adaptable to all year levels. Suitable for primary and secondary students.

The Education Pack contains five lessons for secondary schools, designed to assist students to engage with the stories through the multimedia resources available. The lessons can be applicable to English, Media, Civics and Citizenship, and Geography from years 7-12, and are based on the Australian, NSW and Victorian curricula.

Taking Action – Human Rights and Refugee Issues Teaching Resource is appropriate for the middle years – Years 5–9. Teachers can make curriculum links to the learning areas of Studies of Society and Environment, Geography, History, International studies, Civics and Citizenship, Health, Personal Development and English.

  • Global Education

Global Education Resource

The Global Education website contains a range of resources to encourage a global perspective across curricula, including this lesson plan on refugees. Suitable for primary and secondary students.

  • No Way!

Racism No Way! Project

The “Racism. No Way!” project aims to assist Australian school communities and education systems to recognise and address racism in the learning environment. The project website has a range of lesson ideas and student worksheets ready for download on racism, prejudice, cultural diversity, identity, language, migration and refugees. Suitable for primary and secondary students.

  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

UNHCR Teacher's Resource

UNHCR has developed lesson modules for different age groups that will help teachers introduce refugee issues into the curriculum in a range of subject areas, including art, geography, history, civic education and language and literature. Suitable for primary and secondary students.



Amnesty International Australia

This role-playing activity simulates an encounter between refugees and immigration officers. Suitable for primary and secondary students.

Amnesty International Australia

This activity asks students to imagine themselves in the situation of a family at risk of persecution and to think about the decisions they would have to make if they had to flee their country. Suitable for primary and secondary students.

Amnesty International UK

This downloadable board game simulates the challenges refugees face when attempting to escape from their country. Suitable for primary and secondary students.


This online simulation game puts players in the shoes of an asylum seeker who is forced to flee Australia. Suitable for secondary students.

Student Action for Refugees, UK

This game uses the challenge of simultaneously juggling five balloons to encourage students to simulate the challenges refugees face when settling in a new country. Suitable for primary students.






*Note: The age suitability statements in this document are general recommendations only. Teacher discretion is advised.


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